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Current report no. 18

Postponement of publication of results of impairment tests covering assets


Legal base: Article 17 (1) MAR - confidential information.

In reference to announcement no. 17/2017, published on 4th August 2017, The Management Board of Synthos S.A. (’Company’) informs that during conduction of impairment tests covering foreign assets of styrene business acquired in 2016, a necessity to conduct additional internal analyses and consultations with Company’s auditor conducting review of Company’s half-year financial statements occurred. Due to broader scope of analysis, the Company will not be able to publish results of impairment tests covering assets within initial term, i.e. until 11th August 2017. The Company will inform about the tests results by means of separate Current Report immediately after completion of tests, however not later than until 18th August 2017.

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