Absorption characteristics of Sylanto UV-Photoinitiators show much better matching to emission characteristics of industrially applied UV light sources, such as medium pressure mercury lamps (MPM lamps) that commonly used photoinitiators. Moreover, they are compatible with UV-LED diodes –modern solution in UV technology – which allow the process to take place without ozone emission and heat release, what is very important feature of such systems in comparison to the traditional MPM lamps.
Another advantage of Sylanto UV-Photoinitiators is their good solubility in a number of commonly used monomers at concentrations of up to 5 wt. % or more without the need of additional solvents.

Offered photoinitiators are available in form of hexafluorophosphate (PF6-) or  hexafluoroantimonate (SbF6-).

Sylanto UV-Photoinitiators can be applied in processes used in the automotive, printing, electronics, adhesives, packaging and broadly defined film forming industry.

Name Type Anion
Sylanto-7MP Diaryliodonium salt PF6-
Sylanto-7MS Diaryliodonium salt SbF6-

Contact – sales, technical support:

Katarzyna Bury
e-mail: katarzyna.bury(at)synthosgroup(dot)com
mobile: +48 603 301 478

  • Sylanto - Cationic Photoinitiators for UV Curing

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